Ottawa Wasp Control & Removal

Far from the time that wasps used to build their nests in trees, they are moving into the city and becoming a bigger nuisance every year. Before these stinging pests become too much of a headache, book an appointment for your Ottawa wasp control and removal.

Single wasps are a common sight, not just in Ottawa but throughout Canada. The majority of wasps travel alone but when they are found in large numbers, they can be a problem. By nature, wasps are predatory insects. As much as humans try to tip-toe around them, wasps still have an aggressive streak.

There are several types of wasps and hornets that make up the city landscape. Each of these stinging pests, has their own quirks dedicated to their particularities. As different as these types may be in habits, they do still have things in common – like their diets.

Wasps change their habits throughout the year, both drawing them too and from different parts of the city. During spring months, wasps are not as prevalent throughout urban areas. These pests are too busy building their nests and searching out food. Wasps maintain a protein-based diet of other small insects. As summer begins to come to a close, wasps have accomplished everything that they need to, so it is time for desert. Wasps swarm cities in full force searching for sweet stuff, like sodas and other deserts.

Ottawa Wasp Control & Removal: Year-Round Trouble

They may be the most active throughout warm months but it is possible for wasps to hunker down under your roof and ride out the changing seasons. Once they have invaded your home or business, these stinging pests will take over your space, usually choosing the attic to make their nests.

Toodaloo pest and wildlife services is always there to answer your call and we will be there with bells on to perform your Ottawa wasp removal.

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