Pavement Ant Removal

Pavement Ants are one of the most commonly found ant types in Canada. Pavement ant removal is necessary but difficult from a DIY perspective, as they have numerous nests. Only professionals can guarantee results and rid your home of unwanted pests.

Pavements ants usually make their parent nests outside around hard surfaces, like cracks in pavement or the spaces around curbs. Pavement ants are unique in the sense that they have multiple queens living in both the parent nest and as satellite colonies.These nests are usually identifiable by small mounds of sand, dirt or debris around the area.

As the ant population grows, satellite nests are formed to maintain the growing numbers of the colony. These satellite nests are formed inside homes, behind walls, inside insulation and under flooring. Worker ants transport larvae and pupae into these colonies. Satellite colonies are formed in order to ensure the survival of the parent nest from changing elements and temperature. As the young ants are moved from satellite to satellite, the infestation in and around your home becomes larger and larger. Pavement ant removal becomes increasingly difficult as the number of these satellite colonies grow.

Once the pavement ant enters a home and establishes a food source, the annoyance level for the home or business owner can go through the roof.

Our Toodaloo Technicians complete your pavement ant removal with state of the art technology. Our tools enable us to track satellite colonies and heavy activity using thermal imagery to view the areas behind the walls. Having “eyes” on the inside and areas that are not ordinarily visible enables us to avoid drilling multiple holes in walls that comes with needing to locate these nests.

Treatment by a  professional in pavement ant removal  is essential to assure the entire population is treated properly.

If you think you may have any type of ant activity, call Toodaloo Pest and Wildlife Control at 1-844-TOODALOO today!

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