Penticton Bed Bug Control & Removal

During summer months, it is not unusual to find yourself with the occasional bug bite. When you wake up covered in bites though, you might have bed bugs. These bugs are sweeping the country but the good news is that Toodaloo can help. By partnering with Toodaloo Pest Control for your Penticton bed bug control and removal, your pest problems are solved!

Enter The Bugs

For bed bugs, bunking with their human neighbors can be a relative paradise. For their hosts, however, the presence of these pests is a nightmare. In fact, nightmares and bed bugs have a lot more in common than you might think. They both come up unexpectedly, they both are unpleasant and they sneak up on you while you are sleeping. Despite their name, bed bugs are not resigned to your mattress. These pests can take a bite out of you on the couch, while you are reading a book or even out on the town.

The first thing that anyone seems to know about bed bugs is that they bite. Not only do they bite, but they live off of a blood-based diet. These bites are not known to transmit disease but they sure can be uncomfortable. The bite from a bed bug can leave large, itchy bumps along skin and have even been known to cause allergic reactions in some cases.

Penticton Bed Bug Removal: Bug Off, Bed Bugs

The second well-known fact regarding these pests, is just how hard they are to get rid of. Bed bug populations have been known to withstand heat, cold, most chemical treatments, vacuums and even being squished. So how do we get of them? Over the years, our Toodaloo technicians have learned through experience, the best way to treat these unwelcome visitors. With a combination of treatment methods such as both chemical and non-chemical treatments and suction, we are able to provide clients with the best possible Penticton bed bug control and removal.

Call today to find out how our highly trained, local, technicians can help you banish those bugs.

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