Penticton Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Carpenter ants are some of the best recyclers in the world. This is great but when they’ve made their way into your home or business it is time to call Toodaloo! These ants thrive year-round, so there is never a bad time for your Penticton carpenter ant control and removal services.

Beneficial Pests

Due to the forested nature of Penticton and its surrounding areas, these insects are a vital part of the ecosystem. As they chew through wood, ants create a fine, sawdust. This break-down produces and creates a compost, making way for new growth. On paper, these are all positives but what is right in the wild, is not right for the indoors. Nests or colonies begin outdoors, ordinarily in rotten or dead wood. It does not take long for these colonies to spread into Penticton homes or businesses.

Carpenter ants and termites are often mistaken for one another. In either case, your property is at direct risk of structural damage. Your Penticton carpenter ant control and removal is a time-sensitive issue. This is why it is best to call in reinforcements at the first sign of these critters. There is a very fine line between infestation and occupancy but our Toodaloo technicians have just the tools to find the satellite colonies, often found behind the walls of properties. The satellite colonies are formed when the population of the parent nest becomes too large and expansion is needed to further benefit the population at large. These satellite colonies can be found anywhere that has an available source of wood as well as a source of heat, creating a large range of inspection areas.

Penticton Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: The Importance Of Quick Action

It would take a long time for a carpenter ant to take down a house but unnecessary wear and tear can wreak havoc fairly quickly. Calling in Toodaloo pest control and wildlife guarantees a job well done and an ant free home. Book online or by phone today to get started toward your complete Penticton carpenter ant control and removal, 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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