Penticton Mouse Control & Removal

After working hard for your home or business it can be very frustrating when free-loading pests decide to move in! When these pests enter without an invitation, Penticton mouse control and removal comes in!

Managing Mice

In the same way that rats have become a difficulty throughout the city, mice are in infinite supply as well.

From a business perspective, mice can make or break your days. Mice mean risk, especially in restaurants where droppings are a risk to customer health. Having mice present on your property is nothing to be embarrassed about! Mice are, however, an issue that needs to be handled quickly.

In addition to health hazards, mice have other damaging characteristics as well. Hitchhiking pests such as ticks or fleas have been known to sneak inside on the backs of these rodents. Both fleas and ticks feed on the blood of living hosts. Fleas attach themselves to all members of your family, whether they be human or pets. Ticks can also transmit lyme disease to these hosts, which is all around terrible for those who become infected.

Penticton Mouse Control & Removal: Deterring Damage

Mice have a one track-mind and that is to survive, no matter the cost to anyone else. This is commonly shared notion between many animals and insects but it can also lead to extreme damage to homes, such as flooding. When mice are in need of a water source, they will find one, even if it means chewing through a water pipe. The longer a leak, whether it be small or large, the greater the risk of extensive water damage throughout the home.

Tackling a mouse problem head-on is the best way to limit the possibilities of these unforeseen issues that are associated with these small vermin. Our Toodaloo technicians see the bigger picture when it comes to your Penticton mouse control and removal and want to help take the mouse out of your house.

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