Penticton Rat Control & Removal

For the residents of Penticton, there is no hiding the city’s increasing rat problem. If these rodents are lurking around, Toodaloo technicians want to help with your Penticton rat control and removal.

Identifying Your Rats

In the city of Penticton, the main offender is the Roof Rat, or Black Rat. These rodents do not have discerning palettes, eating nearly anything and living nearly anywhere they can find a food source. In most cases, the definition of food is very loosely based when it comes to rats. These rodents eat food scraps, garbage, pet food, garbage, compost and discarded organic material such as fruit, nuts or seeds.

Once rats have been attracted to your home or business, it is a difficult feat to remove them. Rats make their homes in dark, enclosed spaces, much like basements, sheds, attics and sometimes even in lesser used cupboards.  The longer you wait to handle the presence of rats, the more difficult they become to get rid of. Rats breed very quickly, taking up more and more resources and moving further into your home. For Penticton, the last several years have seen a huge increase in rat populations. Rats have even been known to push residents out of their homes!

The city has several communities that have homes that have been left aside or abandoned only to be taken over by these critters. Empty houses act as homes for rats, allowing them the shelter to breed and rest comfortably but as populations increase, they will need to find larger food sources and living spaces, often drawing into populated homes like yours!

Penticton Rat Control & Removal: Why Call Toodaloo

More so than performing your Penticton rat control and removal, our Toodaloo technicians can offer you insight into how to prevent them from coming back. Small changes make all the difference and we want to help you maintain a rodent-free living space. Call today to book an appointment with our Toodaloo technicians,1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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