Penticton Wasp Control & Removal

The growing wasp problem in Penticton is not only a problem for home owners. Businesses, such as restaurants, are always up against wasps. This is why Penticton wasp control and removal is more important than ever.

The Impact of Wasps In Your Space

There is nothing worse than making an investment, only to have your customers chased out by wasps! Penticton has seen surges in wasp populations, becoming overrun, seemingly at random! The key to not becoming overrun with these wasps is acting quickly at the first signs of nests of colonies. The majority of wasps are solitary, venturing out on their own and living independently but when those that live in large groups can pose large-scale problems for the residents of Penticton. As winter months approach, wasps shift into a survival mode, seeking shelter inside a more climate-friendly environment, ordinarily in sheds, under patios, garages, attics or attached to the outer sides of homes or businesses.

Penticton Wasp Control & Removal: Approaching Aggression

As with any animal or insect, wasps are intent on their own survival and will do anything they can to ensure it. If threatened, wasps will sting and are able to sting more than once, unlike bees. This is why at-home wasp treatments can be a dangerous endeavour, which can lead to serious injury. Most chemicals will irritate the wasps inside their nests, forcing them out to protect their home. These stings are always inconvenient but can also be very dangerous to those with allergies.

As unfriendly as wasps may seem, they are not all bad! Wasps are classified as ‘beneficial’ insects, because of the role that they play in the pollination process. Yes, wasps are an important character to have in nature but our job is to keep them away from your urban areas and your property. Call today to speak with one of our Toodaloo technicians about taking back your home or business from these winged nuisances with our Penticton wasp control and removal services, 1-844-TOODALOO.

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