Pigeon Removal

Canada is home to many animals, big and small but there is no bigger nuisance than pigeons. Pigeon removal is an important part of household maintenance as they pose a great health hazard.

Pigeons carry various insects on their bodies as well as in their nests and these insects are known to feed on humans when the opportunity is available. In addition to transporting these small bugs, pigeons are associated with several diseases including Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis. These diseases are transmittable in fungal bacteria. These diseases are not of a fatal nature but those with a weakened or vulnerable immune system are at greater risk of serious infection. Of these three, Psittacosis is the most serious with symptoms ranging anywhere from minuscule headaches to severe pneumonia. As these health hazards range from large to small, pigeon removal is a necessary element for any home or business owner.

Pigeons can cause large problems for Canadian businesses in particular. These birds have been know to roost on signs or nest under awnings and deface the property below with their droppings. There is nothing more unappealing for a customer (particularly in a food-based business) than walking into an establishment riddled with pigeon feces. Pigeon feces is highly acidic and over time will become corrosive, staining painted surfaces as well as damaging your property. Over time these pigeon droppings will cause property damage including but not limited to roof corrosion, window staining and the need for re-painting, pressure washing and window cleanings, etc. Pigeons are removed in a humane way and exclusion work and sanitary cleanup are all a part of a Pigeon program.

Toodaloo Pest and Wildlife Control utilizes equipment to reach any roof top or building structure. We specialize with the installation of Bird B Gone Bird Spike, Bird B Gone Stealth Netting, Bird B Gone Bracket and Wire Systems and Bird B Gone Shock Track. All of our technicians comply with the Ministry of Natural Resources Fish & Wildlife Act and Environment Canada’s Migratory Bird Act, as well as the Ministry of Environment.¬† We specialize in small or large scale commercial based pigeon control as well as any size on the residential end.

If you have any type of pigeon activity, call Toodaloo Pest and Wildlife Control at 1-844-TOODALOO today!

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