Portage La Prairie Flea Control & Removal

First, the dogs and the cats start to scratch and can’t seem to stop. Then, the people follow suit. By the time it becomes clear that fleas are to blame, the infestation is already going strong. So what can you do to fix it? By calling Toodaloo, you are enlisting professional and dependable Portage La Prairie flea control and removal services. The fleas will be running scared instead of you.

The first thing people will typically try to do when they detect fleas in their home is washing every surface (and that includes the pets). But fleas have an annoying knack for sticking around, either by hopping to a hiding place and waiting it out for a while, clinging to any surface they can with ferocious determination, or by laying enough eggs that a second wave follows on the heels of the first. No matter what, it can often seem like they cannot be dealt with. But with the right treatment methods, they can be cleared out quickly and thoroughly.

Fleas are also behind the spread of innumerable diseases, such as Typhus and Bartonella, also known as cat-scratch disease. Contracting either of these can be extremely serious. So getting fleas out promptly is important to retaining your health, and the health of other people or animals in the area.

Portage La Prairie Flea Control & Removal: Fleas are the Enemy

Toodaloo is a dedicated, Canadian company intent on seeking and destroying problematic pest populations. All of our technicians are extremely familiar with fleas and their bites, and they know the appropriate and most effective techniques to getting rid of them. Defeating fleas takes knowledge and experience, both of which we have in abundance at Toodaloo.

If you want to be rid of fleas for good, call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to set up your appointment.

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