Portage La Prairie Mouse Control & Removal

Though they are not as unseemly as their rat cousins, mice can be plenty trouble all on their own. These little rodents can go undetected for long periods before being noticed. And by that time, there is already an infestation. That is why you should call Toodaloo for our Portage La Prairie mouse  control and removal. We will take care of your problem in a way which is safe and effective.

Mice will often try harder to access homes and businesses around the autumn months because of the drop in temperature. Mice want a warm shelter and safety throughout the winter. This is even better when an available food source is close by. Homes and restaurants or hotels offer many bonuses for them. We, on the other hand, have to put up with messy, smelly, squeaking rats which produce offspring at an alarming rate.

And it isn’t just that mice are annoying to have around – they can also be extremely hazardous to our health. By getting into our food or water, or even just sharing our space and contaminating our air or the things we come into contact with, they are spreading germs and potentially a whole¬† slew of diseases as well.

Portage La Prairie Mouse Control & Removal: Defeating the Rodents

Because mice have such sneaky tricks to get into buildings undetected, our technicians will not only remove the animals themselves, but seal up any access points the mice may have used as well. And we won’t be using any of the many unsafe mouse removal techniques out there such as poisons or glue traps. We want to provide only the safest options in mouse removal. Sanitation and and reducing clutter can also be done depending on the situation at hand.

You can set up your appointment with us through our website or over the phone at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250).

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