Portage La Prairie Pavement Ant Control & Removal

Although they are small, they are many. Pavement ants often come in swarms, and their daunting numbers can quickly overwhelm the average home or business owner. When a legion of ants is threatening your wellbeing or livelihood, contact us for our Portage La Prairie pavement ant control and removal service. We will gladly be your first line of defense against the oncoming cloud of insects.

Pavement ants like to build their nests around hard surfaces like pavement, cement, asphalt, concrete, and so on. Over time, their tunnels can weaken those surfaces, even to the point of creating cracks and affectively warping them. This can be dangerous for driveways and pathways because the surface will no longer be flat. They will also often move into buildings as well, usually in order to be closer to a food source.

Because pavement ants will have queens in both the main parent nest and the satellite nests, the issue goes beyond simply having to deal with one ant population. The reason pavement ants have multiple queens and nests is so they have a better chance of colony survival. So Toodaloo has adopted a different approach to pavement ant removal to make it more effective.

Portage La Prairie Pavement Ant Control & Removal: Keeping the Sidewalks Ant-Free

It isn’t just the sidewalks that are in danger from pavement ants. People’s homes are also at risk. Toodaloo is dedicated to being the champion of those bothered by pests all across Canada. To do this, we make sure to use only the latest and most effective equipment for every job. Some of the up to date methods we use include thermal imaging and injection rods to accurately locate the ant nests without having to drill multiple holes into your walls. That way, the ants are removed and your home is now fully protected.

Stand your ground against the ants and call us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) to set up an appointment today.

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