Prince Albert Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

Much like their namesake, carpenter ants are very productive. They are always working hard to build and expand their homes. The only trouble is that they are doing it at your expense! These pests chew or crawl their way into your property and begin to turn wood into sawdust. When you notice these pests around your property, call Toodaloo! Our Prince Albert carpenter ant control and removal can help you take back your space.

What To Expect From Your Pest Problem

The presence of carpenter ants can often be confused with termites. Aside from seeing the physical ants themselves, the most obvious sign of carpenter ants are their tunnels. Carpenter ants are easily recognizable outdoors. These ants make their homes in damp or rotting wood. This includes stumps, wood piles, and even landscaping materials. These ants are a lot harder to track down indoors. The easiest way to recognize ant activity is through the small tunnels that they create in wood. These carpenter ants do no eat building materials. Once chewed, all that is left of the wood around your property is sawdust.

The tunnels that begin to appear around your property might not seem like much at first but when you consider hundreds of thousands of ants, always digging, it can add up! It would take a very long time for a gang of carpenter ants to cause significant structural damage to your property, but it can lead to weakened materials and the need for replacement. By choosing professional pest removal early on, you can eliminate the headache and cost of these large-scale repairs and replacements.

Prince Albert Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: Problems & Solutions

Ant removal is one of the most difficult pest control practices. Ants are small, populations are high and colonies are spread out throughout large areas. Spraying materials on the surfaces does little to remove the population moving through the tunnels underneath. That is why our Toodaloo technicians use thermal imaging and injection rods in order to attack the problem at the source.

If you are sharing your property with a large ant population, call Toodaloo for your Prince Albert carpenter ant removal.

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