Prince Albert Pavement Ant Removal

During Spring and Summer months, it is not uncommon to find a line of ants marching down the road or sidewalk. These ants are impressive creatures, building and maintaining tunnels and colonies. As impressive as these insects might be, they are still pests when found on your property. Whether it is outside or inside, our Prince Albert pavement ant removal can save your property from these pests.

Pavement ants are easily recognizable when they are clustered around roads or sidewalks but less so inside your property. When pavement ants find themselves a new home, they waste no time in setting down roots. Parent colonies are formed underground and connected through a system of tunnels. As populations grow, these ants spread their numbers into surrounding satellite colonies. More ants means more tunnels and a greater need for food.

Prince Albert Pavement Ant Removal: More Than Outdoor Pests

Having pavement ants on your property might seem like more of an annoyance than a major issue, but this is not always true. If pavement ants are allowed the thrive, they can damage your property inside and out. The networks of tunnels that they create in order to move around from colony to colony can disrupt the ground under your driveways, sidewalks or walk ways. Now, these tunnels are thin and will not cave these surfaces in but the shifting weights can make hard surfaces uneven, crack or become unlevelled.

Pavement ants enjoy many of the same foods that humans do. Crumbs, sweets and proteins attract large any populations in search of food. Because these ants move primarily through dirt and over walking surfaces, they can carry a lot of bacteria around with them. This bacteria gets left behind on surface as they search for food and can lead to cross-contamination in food sources.

Keeping these pests under control takes quick action and the right tools for the job. Our Toodaloo technicians have been around the block when it comes to Prince Albert pavement ant removal. Technicians are local to your area and understand how frustrating these infestations can be. That is why we offer timely service and guaranteed results.

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