Prince Albert Pigeon Control & Removal

Waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping and singing can be great. Who doesn’t like opening their eyes to the background sounds of nature. Pigeons, however, are not your average birds. These feathered pests can be loud, destructive and a hazard to your health. Your pigeon-related issues can be a thing of the past with our Prince Albert pigeon control and removal.

Pigeon Problems

Pigeons are a part of life in cities all over the globe. It is almost impossible to turn your head without seeing them perched along balconies, atop street lamps or just walking along streets or sidewalks. These pests do more than take up space. Pigeons are scavengers, finding their meals anywhere and everywhere that they can. This mean that they can drag around harmful bacteria on their feet and bodies. In addition to carrying around harmful bacteria that can cause such illnesses as salmonella, pigeons can damage your property as well.

Pigeon droppings do not only make your property an unsightly mess but they are acidic as well. If left to bake onto exterior materials, pigeons leavings can become corrosive and wear away at stucco, siding and wood. Having a splattered property can also give off the wrong impression of your home and take away customers from your business. It is safe to assume that your potential clients would not want to, say, have their meal on a patio that has pigeons looking to steal their meals.

Prince Albert Pigeon Control & Removal: Treatment Methods

The technicians at Toodaloo pest control take a non-lethal approach to your Prince Albert pigeon removal. By installing spikes, netting and shock strips, Toodaloo ensures that your property is not just safe for a day but safe for the foreseeable future. You do not have to worry about these birds being treated unfairly. All of our processes comply with local Ministry standards. Call today to find out how we can get rid of those pigeons safely and humanely.

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