Prince Albert Rat Control & Removal

Provinces all across Canada have been at war with rats for decades. These vermin don’t know how to take a hint. Rats will invade your home or work space without a second thought. When you need a hand evicting these unwanted visitors, our Toodaloo technicians are here to help. Our Prince Albert rat control and removal is ready and available to kick those tails out of your home or business.

How Do Rats Get Inside?

Rats can enter your property in any number of ways. Open doors and windows, vents, pipes or cracks and openings in walls or foundations. Although rats can be as large as 2 lbs, (yes – 2 pounds!), they are small-scale contortionists! Rats can squeeze through openings as small as a quarter.

Once rats have found their way inside, they can live inside our home or business, it can be a long time until you notice their presence at all. Rats travel primarily behind the scenes, crawling behind walls, and sneaking through attics, basements and crawl spaces. More often than not, rats will enter your space for both necessity and comfort. When resources become scare outdoors, rats will look elsewhere. In extreme cases, when water supplies run low, rats can even chew through pipes, causing flooding and costly water damage.

Prince Albert Rat Control & Removal: Don’t Try This At Home

The first rule of rat removal is: leave it to the professionals! Traps and poisons are the most commonly used tools when it comes to inexperienced rat removal. Chances are, if you have a noticeable rat infestation, no amount of common traps will be enough. Poison is a less than desirable option, as it is dangerous to having lying around and can create other issues. For example, rats who have been poisoned will often die behind walls. They then give off foul odors and bacteria associated with rotting animals. This can also be harmful if say, a pet finds the rat body before you do.

Call today to find out how Toodaloo can provide a safe and effective solution to your Prince Albert rat removal.

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