Prince Albert Silverfish Control & Removal

For such common pests, it is not uncommon for Canadians to never see a silverfish firsthand. These creatures are quick, easily camouflaged and primarily nocturnal. Silverfish might be hard to spot physically, the damage that they leave behind is quite obvious. When you find yourself facing off against invisible foes, call in our Prince Albert silverfish control and removal.

Unwanted Visitors: What To Expect From Silverfish

Silverfish earned their name due to their shape and the style of their movements. These pests slither around flooring, giving the illusion of swimming, even on dry land. Silverfish do not have a set diet but can survive off any number of cellulose-based materials. They can make meals from standard food stuffs like crumbs and other things found left on counters and floors. Natural textiles, glues and even clothing is all up for grabs.

Silverfish need a damp environment in order to thrive. These damp places around your home can be easy to identify but drying them out is another story all together. Dehumidifiers can alleviate some of this moisture but once those eggs are laid, it is quite difficult to get them gone.

Silverfish can occupy any closet or cupboard. These pests are difficult to see, never mind catch. If you are lucky enough to squash one of these pests, there are about a hundred willing to take its place. Simply removing a food source is not enough of a deterrent to make these pests move along. Silverfish can travel up to 9 meters in order to track down their dinner. This is bad news for those in multi-unit or strata living arrangements. The pests can easily travel from one unit to another.

If you believe that these pests are a problem inside your home or business, don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo. Our Prince Albert silverfish control and removal can help you track down and eliminate those pests hiding in every corner.

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