Prince Albert Wasp Control & Removal

As bumblebee populations have dwindled, Canadians have become more tolerant of these winged-insects. Wasps, on the other hand, are another story all together. Wasps have a reputation for aggression, having a sweet tooth and do not seem to understand personal space. The good news is that you don’t have to put up with them any longer. If you are finding more and more of these pests around your property, our Prince Albert wasp control and removal can help!

In an always-changing world, you can count on the presence of wasps. They spend their spring months building nests and pollinating plants. There are basic goals that all animals have: shelter and food. When wasps have accomplished these goals, they are fee for some recreation time. This leisure period is spent searching out treats to satisfy their sweet tooth. This is when wasps begin showing those signs of aggression that we know so well.

Tackling Your Prince Albert Wasp Removal

If wasps are often found in or around your property, you can bet there is a nest nearby. These nests might be obviously placed inside trees or they can be harder to find. The peaks on houses, under patios and even under balconies on multi-level housing or commercial units. Much like any other animal, wasps become defensive of their homes. By attempting to get rid of the nest yourself, you open the door to aggression and the possibility of stings. These stings are, of course, painful but in large numbers can also cause severe allergic reactions, resulting in hospitalization.

Why Choose Toodaloo?

There are few pest control companies within Canada that have the type of reputation that Toodaloo has. Each and every Toodaloo technician has gone through a rigorous training program before ever setting foot on your property. This training allows us to approach your wasp removal safely and effectively with no damage to your home or business.
Call today to find out how our technicians can ditch those wasps and help you take back your space.

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