Red Deer Bed Bug Control & Removal

All over Alberta, there are more and more reports of bed bug infestations and Red Deer is no exception to this. These pests creep, crawl and piggyback their way into your home or business. Once these pests find their way in, these pests are notoriously hard to get rid of. Toodaloo is here to take care of both yourself and your property with our Red Deer bed bug control and removal service.

Red Deer Bed Bug Control & Removal: Pests In Your Area

Bed bugs are a huge annoyance, not only around your property but to your person as well. These intruders survive off of the blood of their hosts, leaving itchy welts behind. There is good news and bad news associated with these bites. The good news (or as good as it can be post-bite) is that these bites do not transmit disease. The bad news – aside from the bite itself – is that because they don’t carry disease, bed bugs are unregulated. This means that your are on your own when it comes to treating your infestation. Until you call Toodaloo, that is.

Successful Removal, Every Time

Bed bugs are stubborn creatures. Once they have found a place to find regular meals, bed bugs are not keen on leaving! These pests are hard to get rid of because they breed fast, hide well and are tough little critters! Bed bugs are known to survive through periods of extreme temperature, prolonged hunger and even some pesticides. It is this type of resilience that forced our Toodaloo technicians to get creative with our treatment methods. Toodaloo combines both chemical and non-chemical treatments, as well as vacuums and trained eyes in order to get these pests out.

If you are tired of being a meal to these pests, call Toodaloo for your Red Deer bed bug removal.

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