Red Deer Flea Control & Removal

Having fleas in your home or workplace is unpleasant, there is no doubt about it. When these pests make their way inside, it can be enough to drive you insane, but getting rid of them can be a breeze. With the right team of experts behind you, your Red Deer flea control and removal can be as easy as picking up your phone.

Figuring Out Fleas

If you find yourself scratching away at bug bites or hunting down pests in your space, don’t jump on the bed bug band wagon yet. There is such stigma around bed bugs that Red Deer residents assume the worst out of every bite and insect sighting. However similar that their symptoms might be, treatment for these pests is different. In passing, fleas appear to be pretty standard insects. They are reddish brown in colour and, from a distance can be confused as something as simple as an apple seed. The same can be said for bed bugs and even ticks in some cases. That is why our Red Deer flea removal begins with identification and assessment. Once technicians figure out whether you are dealing with fleas or another biting insect, we can get to work.

Red Deer Flea Control & Removal: Where To Go From Here

Once you have confirmed that you are, in fact, dealing with fleas, their removal boils down to knowledge, technique and strategy. Fleas are masters of the ‘divide and conquer’ mentality. Female fleas lay their eggs loosely, usually in the long fur of other animals. These eggs are thrown off and hatch in unspecific areas. These eggs are light in colour and hard to identify. These easy to miss eggs and young fleas account for 50% of total populations. This makes getting rid of these unseen threats important to avoid a re-population later down the road. Toodaloo technicians treat the obvious flea populations as well as treating the budding flea population as well.

Your best chance at having a flea-free zone around your home or business is through Toodaloo pest control. Don’t hesitate to call us in for your Red Deer flea removal.

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