Red Deer Pavement Ant Control & Removal

“That is how you get ants!” You might have heard this saying before or, even said it to your kids. Any food that is dropped on the floor or that is left on the counter is seen as an issue. Whether it is sweet, salty or starchy, ants will seek it out and before you know it, an infestation! If you are stuck dealing with ants, call for your Red Deer pavement ant control and removal.

Instead of being an exaggeration, this is pretty close to accurate. Ants have big appetites and even bigger numbers. That is why it is so important to stop these ants in their tracks as soon as possible. If these ants are appearing around your property, give them the boot with our Red Deer pavement ant control and removal.

Ants: Over & Under Ground

Pavement ants might prefer to live in cool, damp spaces but that does not stop them from entering your home. Despite their size, pavement ants can cause a lot of damage to both the exterior of your property and your person.

Pavement ants have earned their name due to to their living conditions. When you seem small dirt mounds lining the sides of hard surfaces around your property, there is cause for concern. These small mounds are not just collected dirt but they are small, self-contained ant colonies. These ants move from one established colony to another, searching for resources and digging tunnels as they do. These tunnels move around and under patio foundations, driveways, sidewalks and paving stones. Over time, these tunnels displace more and more earth that runs under these surfaces. Do not think sinkholes but more of an even surface area. This unevenness combined with rapidly changing weather patterns can cause cracks and breaks to concrete. By removing these pests as soon as possible, you are limiting the potential threat of costly repairs or replacements.

In addition to being a threat to your property, pavement ants can make their way inside your home or business and bring bacteria with them. As they crawl over surfaces or food preparation stations, ants can leave behind harmful bacteria. The germs left behind can lead to food poisoning or other intestinal issues.

Red Deer Pavement Ant Control & Removal: Don’t Wait

Do not let pavement ants have their run of your property. By calling in Toodaloo, your Red Deer pavement ant control and removal can be quick and painless. Don’t hesitate to give those ants their walking papers.

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