Red Deer Pigeon Control & Removal

With a name like “Red Deer”, you can expect that residents of the city are comfortable with nature. As happy as you might be in the rugged Alberta landscape, pigeons don’t exactly count as wildlife. Aside from typically domesticated pests, pigeons are probably the most commonly seen and heard animal for Albertans. Over the years, these birds have become more and more brave, relying on humans for both food and shelter. If you have had enough of these feathered dependents, call Toodaloo for your Red Deer pigeon control and removal.

What Is So Bad About A Few Birds

Birds can be beautiful creatures, so much so that there are entire clubs devoted to spotting them out. Pigeons, however, are not songbirds or particularly pretty. What they are, is dirty and destructive! Pigeons do not wreck things in an immediate or obvious way but over time, these birds can be feathered wrecking balls. These birds offend Red Deer residents on just about each and every sense.

Sound: Pigeons are known to be very vocal birds. Instead of bright and cheery songs, pigeons just coo. This cooing might seem pleasant at first but it becomes incessant very quickly.
Smell: Pigeons are filthy creatures. They spend their time going through trash, stealing food off of the street and collected all the bacteria that the sidewalks of Red Deer have to offer. It is no wonder that they smell bad as well!
Touch: Although pigeons are adapting to their urban environments, these are not domesticated animals. Touching these birds can result in the passing of serious bacteria.
Sight: Pigeons might not be the worst birds to look at but the droppings that they leave behind are an eye-sore. Pigeon waste is also highly corrosive and can damage the exterior levels of your property if left over time.
Taste: The jury is out on this particular sense – but you should not attempt to eat pigeons!

Red Deer Pigeon Control & Removal: How We Do It

The most effective way to prevent pigeons from taking over your property, is to stop them from getting comfortable. That is why Toodaloo Pest Control has partnered with Bird B Gone in order to provide deterrents for these birds. Pigeon deterrents can by physical, visual or environmental. If you want to keep pigeons off of your property in a humane way, call Toodaloo for your Red Deer pigeon removal.

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