Regina Flea Control & Removal

Fleas thrive in most environments, surviving off animals or humans when they are found in urban areas. When fleas make the jump from the great outdoors and into your home, it is an all-out buffet. These fleas are a pain until Toodaloo arrives with our Regina flea control and removal services.

Fleas: A Historical Pest

It may come as a surprise to some, but fleas are responsible for one of the largest tragedies ever. Canada has not experienced anything as serious and wide-spread as the plague but fleas are still no picnic on this side of the world.

Fleas may be small insects but they are very innovative despite their size. Fleas are dedicated to keeping their populations high and their territory large. When they are found outdoors, fleas can attach themselves to any number of animals. Fleas opt for heavily furred species like raccoons, squirrels and rats and holding on to ensure a regular blood-meal. Fleas can make their way into homes on the backs of these animals as well as household pests, and even riding in on the backs of humans. Once they are in, the work really begins.

Regina Flea Control & Removal: What To Look For

Our Toodaloo technicians understand the survival practices of fleas and are ready to combat them at every turn. One of the fleas’ biggest tricks is to lay their eggs loosely on a warm-blooded host and allow them to fall throughout the property. Although not all of these eggs will survive, the method does ensure that some will. Our regina flea removal does not stop at simple removal of the obvious problem but moves throughout the house vacuuming up those eggs and removing all traces of your infestation.

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