Regina Pigeon Control & Removal

What has feathers, a ravenous appetite and does not fly South for the winter? If you said pigeons, then are you are correct. Although they may be stubborn, it is nothing our Regina pigeon control and removal can’t handle.

Pigeons as a Health Issue

They may not seem like menacing of pests but pigeons pack a punch to your home and health hazards. Pigeons can be beautifully coloured but pigeons are always destructive. Unfortunately for those around them, pigeons can offend any and all of the five senses, whether they are in close proximity or not.

Pigeons create unsightly messes, leaving their corrosive droppings everywhere and anywhere. This not only detracts from curb appeal but their “materials” can damage the finish on cars, statues or decks. As a business owner, it is not fun to have to be cleaning up after these winged-rodents and as a customer, seeing a mess like this can be the difference between entering your business or going next door instead. The dirty nature of these trash-collecting birds also bring unpleasant scents along with them.

Your Regina Pigeon Control & Removal

Incessant cooing surrounding built nests can be enough to drive anyone insane. Pigeons are able to maintain their homes for long periods and although they may be out of sight, you will never forget that they are nearby. Now, hopefully you will never be in a situation where you have to touch or taste these birds but their presence and their consequences can definitely leave a bad taste in your mouth!

Our Toodaloo technicians want to make you feel comfortable in your own home. These birds do not have enough muscle to combat with our Regina pigeon removal services. Our pest solutions come from an environmentally friendly place and are designed to regain control of any environment, whether it is a single-dwelling home, a strata property or a commercial structure.

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