Regina Silverfish Control & Removal

Silverfish may not be commonly recognized pests in Canada but they are a major issue. These pests are still present in thousands of homes across our country. These insects thrive in humid conditions, which account for a good portion of the Canadian landscape. There is hope for property owners with our Regina silverfish control and removal.

Managing Humidity

Now, there is a famous phrase that goes, “April showers, bring May flowers”. This sounds great but extended rainy periods may bring in more than blooms. Without proper ventilation humidity can seep into your home or property. This provides a perfect breeding ground for silverfish to survive, thrive and grow their population. Although the weather itself is difficult to combat, it is not the only contributor to humidity in your home. Ventilation is extremely important inside your home and without it, hot showers, running machines (i.e laundry machines, dishwashers etc) and several other factors can lead to increased humidity levels. Bathrooms, basements, attics and even cupboards can house these slithering pest without ever being noticed.

When you hear the word ‘silverfish’ for the first time, the type of image that comes to mind, is – well, just that, silver fish. Ridiculous, right? These pests are shaped like tear-drops, with antennae and tails, and silver sheen carried by adult silverfish. When performed correctly, your Regina silverfish removal service will remove not only the visible, silvery adults but the whitish adolescents and eggs as well.

Real Results For Your Regina Silverfish Control & Removal

Silverfish are nocturnal and quick, an extremely difficult combination. If you should ever have the opportunity to squish one yourself, there will be many more around every crack and corner. Toodaloo technicians perform your Regina silverfish removal completely, catching any and all stragglers that may be hiding out of view. Call today to book an appointment for your Regina silverfish control and removal and let us get the bugs out for you!

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