Saskatoon Carpenter Ant Removal

Carpenter ants are an adaptive species, able to survive both inside and outside. Their innovative survival methods are part of what makes these pests such a pain for Canadians. They might be stubborn but our Saskatoon carpenter ant removal takes the sting out of your infestation.

Finding Hidden Pests

Carpenter ants get their name from their nesting habits. Although ants are one of the largest ant species, they are not always easy to spot. Ants disguise their satellite colonies behind walls or flooring but they need to eat sometime!

Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t make their meals out of wood, not ingesting the material but only burrowing through it. When it comes to meal time, ants are forced to come out of the woodwork (pun intended!). These ants are most attracted to items that area greasy or sweet. Ants are not above poking through your cupboards, pantries or even stove elements in order to find something to eat. Most people wouldn’t mind giving up their crumbs but where there is one carpenter ant, there are many! These pests are pros at contaminating your food. It would be difficult for one ant to taint a large amount of food but with colonies in the hundreds of thousands, large amounts of food can be riddled with bacteria and germs that can cause salmonella.

saskatoon carpenter ant removal

Saskatoon Carpenter Ant Removal: Why Call The Pros

Carpenter ants waste no time getting to work, whether it is on the foundation materials of your home, or on your pantry. The longer they are allowed free-reign of your home, the more money it will cost to repair the damage they cause and re-stock your fridge after their meals.

When these pests start hitting your where it hurts, call our Toodaloo technicians and book an appointment for your Saskatoon carpenter ant removal.

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