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March 26, 2020

Saskatoon Mosquito Control

Saskatoon Mosquito Control

Our Toodaloo technicians are trained pest professionals, dedicated to taking the bite out of your infestations. Proper mosquito control and barrier sprays mean homes, businesses and event centres are pest-free for your enjoyment. When you are sick of chemical sprays and baits, call Toodaloo for an all-natural treatment plan that keeps bugs away for up to three weeks at a time.
Saskatoon Mosquito Control


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Mosquitoes have a reputation for being a pain. From coast to coast, property owners are forced to deal with unwelcome buzzing and bites. While these blood-sucking bugs can be found all over Canada, Saskatoon residents have a special relationship with these pests – and it isn’t a good one! Instead of learning to live with an infestation, call an expert to serve up eviction notices around your home or workplace. Our Professional mosquito control services kick pests to the curb with eco-friendly techniques. Whether it is a one-day special occasion or routine care, our experts have got you covered.

Getting to Know Your Neighbours

Whether you live in the middle of a city or at home in the country, there are always pests lurking right outside your front door. Some of these are harmless while others tend to be trouble for their human hosts. From bed bugs to fleas, there are plenty of insects to worry about, but mosquitoes should not be overlooked. For many residents, stepping outside the front door means slathering themselves with insect repellents, hoping to keep bugs at bay but this doesn’t have to be the case. Searching out sprays at a hardware store usually means dealing with dangerous chemicals, only to achieve subpar results.

Creating a barrier between yourself and bites is great, but it does not do much good with mosquitoes laying their eggs around your living space. Instead of being reactionary to a bug here or there, our experts have taken a more proactive approach. Instead of introducing harsh chemicals or other health hazards into your environment, our Toodaloo technicians have come up with a system to kick insects off your property using only natural ingredients.

The trick to successful pest control is to understand exactly what you are dealing with. These tiny vampires might seem straight-forward but there is more to them than just appearing and disappearing after meal time. When it comes to mosquitoes, sealing up homes, or laying traps using baits still are not enough to get results. Blood meals are a huge attractant but so is your outdoor space, particularly on flatland. For this pest type, the major draw to an environment is stagnant water. Without proper drainage around your property, even a light rain can leave puddles, fill flowerpots or collect in bird baths. By treating sitting water, our team of experts treat insects at every stage of the life cycle. Instead of building nests out of soft materials like rodents or spinning webs like spiders, mosquito larvae are birthed into water. Pools, fountains, creeks and even empty flowerpots act as breeding grounds for female mosquitoes. While it is not possible to drain and cover rivers and creeks, property owners do still have options.

Saskatoon Mosquito Control: Kicking Pests to the Curb

Preventing mosquitoes from thriving in your area means a more comfortable environment but it also means a safer environment. While mosquito bites look terrible, they are also known to transmit disease. In other countries, malaria is a cause for concern but in Canada, West Nile Virus has been the main threat posed by bug bites. Canada is home to many species of mosquitoes, breeding ground types and pest control methods. These range from mosquito traps and sprays, to a firm hand. Squishing an adult mosquito might feel satisfying in the moment but it won’t do much to control populations.

In a province where mosquito season lasts the whole summer, reducing the number of breeding pests is key to keeping populations at bay. Instead of trying to kill mosquitoes with basic traps or carbon dioxide baits, our pest control experts opt for a natural approach to clearing large areas. This allows clients to get the best results for their spaces without having to kill mosquitoes. While carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes, our experts have come up with a compound of natural repellents that push them away.

Essential oils and natural deterrents are applied to lawns, creating a natural barrier between pests and their nesting areas. When applied properly, this method creates a pest free environment for up to 21 days. Instead of waiting for applications to wear off and insects to come buzzing back, Toodaloo technicians reapply with time to spare. Local services mean clients have access to aftercare for their treatments. No matter the techniques or repellents, mosquitoes are stubborn pests. By offering up tricks of the trade and information, Toodaloo experts are able to help our customers help themselves by knowing what to look for and when to call for their pest control needs.



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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Pigeons had made their way into the roof of our house and we could hear them at all hours of the day. Toodaloo came in and did an excellent job removing them without harming them, and installed preventative measures to ensure they stay out.

5 out of 5

I cannot say enough good things about Toodaloo and in particular, our Saskatoon rep Trent! This morning we discovered that we had mice in our home. Not only are these critters dirty and disgusting, we also have little kids so the thought of mice in the same spaces as our kids eat and play immediately sent me into a panic. I immediately called Toodaloo’s main line and they told me that a representative in our area would be in touch. Within minutes I got a phone call from Trent, who happened to live right around the corner to us in our same area! He was VERY friendly, asked questions, listened to my frantic concerns and even offered to come by with some bait traps to put in the garage, all FREE of charge!! I was astounded. Within 20 minutes he was on my doorstep with a big smile ready to put out the traps. He did a quick look around the exterior of the house to check for any obvious entry points and while doing so found and discarded one dead mouse that was beside the house outside. Again, all free of charge. Just a super nice, honest business person! I will, without question, be recommending his services to everyone I know! And will definitely be using his services again in the future if we have any more pest issues!! (let’s hope we don’t!) :)

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