Saskatoon Mouse Removal

The most recent census information states that there are over 44,000 farms throughout Saskatchewan. Such a thriving agricultural landscape can’t help but attract mice! Fear not! Where there are mice – there are Toodaloo technicians! Toodaloo Pest and Wildlife Services and our Saskatoon mouse removal is always working toward a mouse-free community.

Ravenous Rodents

The large properties and ample food sources associated with farm land allow mice to breed quickly. Over long periods,  numbers to swell and the risks associated with their presence to become very large. Every day, mice can eat up to one-third of their own body weight in grains and other foodstuffs. That number adds up but they contaminate much more food than that every day. One single mouse can eat more than a pound of grains per year and although that does not sound like a lot, mouse populations are huge and contaminate ten-times what they eat. That’s a huge loss.

saskatoon mouse removal

Saskatoon Mouse Removal: Seasonal Intruders

Mice do not care what time of year they become your unwanted house guests but they are more likely to set up camp indoors as the temperature changes from warm to colder. They can enter in any number of ways and create nests out of loose materials found around the house. Mice never venture far from a sure-thing, staying close to their shelters and food and water sources.

By entrusting your home to our Toodaloo technicians, you making a commitment to yourself and your home, to keep your space safe, clean and mouse-free. Our Toodaloo technicians take great pride in our customer relationships and work ethic and strive to answer each Saskatoon mouse removal with the greatest possible result, not only for your sake but for ours as well.

Whether you are living in a single-dwelling home, a strata unit or if you own a commercial property, our Toodaloo technicians can do it all.

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