Saskatoon Silverfish Removal

If you have ever turned on the light just to see something silver scurrying across your floor? It is most likely not a trick of the light, it is a silverfish! We won’t blame you for not recognizing them. Few people are familiar with these household pests but our Toodaloo technicians know them like the back of their hands. Our staff are  ready to perform your Saskatoon silverfish removal.

Like other insects, silverfish live both indoors and outdoors. In much the same way that dogs can be wild or domesticated, silverfish differentiate their behaviour based on their environment. Silverfish thrive in moisture and humidity, so when they are outside, they can ordinarily be found under rocks or around fallen trees and rotting vegetation, which they also consume.

saskatoon silverfish removal

Saskatoon Silverfish Removal: Getting Rid Of Intruders

Although silverfish like to sleeping outside, that doesn’t stop them from finding their way indoors. If you find yourself confronted with peeling wallpaper, books that are falling apart, or wholly textiles, you are dealing with a silverfish problem. What do these things have in common, you might ask? They are all common foodstuffs for silverfish. The insects can survive on conventional food sources, like crumbs and greasy substances found around the kitchen but they can also make due with natural textiles and pastes as well. The binding in books and the glues that bind wallpaper to the wall. When it comes to silverfish, their feast is your problem.

One call in to Toodaloo pest and wildlife services gets the ball rolling on your Saskatoon silverfish removal.

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