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March 26, 2020

Saskatoon Tick Control

Saskatoon Tick Control

Even a quick walk outside your front door can mean dealing with dangerous pests. Ticks are small but they pose some mighty big problems to residents. These tiny hitchhikers latch onto pets, people and any other passersby. Don’t be made into a meal when you can call Toodaloo for your tick removal needs!
Saskatoon Tick Control


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The prairies are known for their woodlands and marshes, but they are also known for their pests. It is almost impossible to go outside without ending up covered in itchy, red welts in the form of mosquito bites. These can be annoying, but tick bites are downright dangerous. Don’t let your friends, family members or customers be turned into a walking blood meal.

After years in the industry, the experts at Toodaloo have perfected an all-natural approach to Saskatoon tick control programs. Instead of focusing on the hitchhikers that have already latched on and crept indoors, our specialists take the fight to the great outdoors.

What Makes Ticks Public Enemy No. 1?

Insects are a part of life but some of these are worse than others. Mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas and ticks are all hitchhikers and they all make meals out of people and pets. As if the bites themselves weren’t enough, ticks are capable of transmitting disease. Avoid serious reactions to the bites by kicking these critters off your property.

Some of the more dangerous tick-borne diseases include Lyme disease and rocky mountain spotted fever. The higher the tick populations around your property, the higher the risk. Whether you live near wooded areas or in the middle of town, these pests aren’t picky about their environments.

While they might all look the same to us, there are plenty of species of ticks at play across Canada. Deer ticks and dog ticks attack more than just their namesakes. When you want to get rid of pests completely, it is important to know what you are dealing with. Calling in the experts can get excellent results that last!

Hot Spots for Pest Activity

No matter how careful you are, it is impossible to ensure your pets and guests aren’t being made into chew toys. Checking exposed skin is a simple enough task but there is no telling where and when these bugs are going to bite. You don’t have to be wandering through woods or tall grasses to pick up an unwanted guest.

With access to a food source, a single tick can live a long life. This is what makes preventing ticks from setting up camp is so important. Getting rid of adult ticks is one thing but when you want real results, it is necessary to attack populations at every stage of the life cycle.

Saskatoon Tick Control: The Toodaloo Technique

Pests do not discriminate when it comes to their next meals. Anything and anyone can be a target for bites. Instead of reacting to these latched pests, our Toodaloo technicians look toward the future. Barrier sprays are a way to create an unwelcoming environment for insects while improving the quality of life for the humans around them.

Combining essential oils with other natural deterrents and applying them directly to greenery creates an inhospitable environment for bugs. Because this treatment is an all-natural solution, it can be reapplied over and over without any damage to plant life. Each spray lasts up to three weeks but instead of waiting, our experts revisit after 14 days.

Because treatments are so versatile, they can be made to fit homes, commercial spaces, campgrounds, event centers and sports fields. No matter the size of your property, our Toodaloo technicians can handle it. Please contact a member of our team to find out how we can treat your space and give you back an inviting outdoor environment.



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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5 out of 5

Pigeons had made their way into the roof of our house and we could hear them at all hours of the day. Toodaloo came in and did an excellent job removing them without harming them, and installed preventative measures to ensure they stay out.

5 out of 5

I cannot say enough good things about Toodaloo and in particular, our Saskatoon rep Trent! This morning we discovered that we had mice in our home. Not only are these critters dirty and disgusting, we also have little kids so the thought of mice in the same spaces as our kids eat and play immediately sent me into a panic. I immediately called Toodaloo’s main line and they told me that a representative in our area would be in touch. Within minutes I got a phone call from Trent, who happened to live right around the corner to us in our same area! He was VERY friendly, asked questions, listened to my frantic concerns and even offered to come by with some bait traps to put in the garage, all FREE of charge!! I was astounded. Within 20 minutes he was on my doorstep with a big smile ready to put out the traps. He did a quick look around the exterior of the house to check for any obvious entry points and while doing so found and discarded one dead mouse that was beside the house outside. Again, all free of charge. Just a super nice, honest business person! I will, without question, be recommending his services to everyone I know! And will definitely be using his services again in the future if we have any more pest issues!! (let’s hope we don’t!) :)

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