Sherwood Park Bed Bug Control & Removal

Timing is not everything when it comes to bed bugs, but it does help. These pests only get worse with time. So when you notice them, it is best to seek help as soon as possible. For thorough, dependable Sherwood Park bed bug control and removal service, use Toodaloo.

Bed bugs are exceedingly common pests in North America. They will hitch a ride on us or the objects we bring into buildings and make their way into our carpets and drapes, furniture and, of course, our beds. Our beds make the perfect feeding grounds for them since we are vulnerable all night. To see if your problem is indeed bed bugs, check the mattress seams, box springs, headboards, and bedclothes first. The bugs themselves are small and apple seed-shaped, while their excrement may look like specks of black pepper. There could even be dots of blood on the sheets from where they have fed from us.

Sherwood Park Bed Bug Control & Removal: Send Them Running

All of our pest control technicians are fully insured, licensed and certified by the Ministry of Environment. Our teams use the best in elimination processes, equipment and application techniques, and all of our bed bug removal programs come with a full standard industry warranty, something which no other company offers. We also offer Information and Awareness Training Sessions that can aid you and your staff in knowing what to do when bed bugs strike, and even how to prevent that from happening.

Our process involves steam and vacuuming with three different types of chemical treatments and three types of non-chemical treatments so that you receive the most thorough service. However, we can also offer a fully non-chemical approach as well.

Call us with any questions you might have, or simply call to set up your appointment. You can reach us at 1-844-TOODALOO (866-3250) or through our website.

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