Squirrel Removal

Squirrels might appear cute and cuddly from afar but these rodents can cause some serious damage. It is bad enough having these pests trailing the exterior areas of your property, but it is even worse when they squeeze indoors. Once inside, rodents begin to rip apart sensitive materials, and build nests, all while spreading germs and droppings. Don’t let these intruders take a toll on your home or workspace when you can call Toodaloo for your squirrel removal.

Understanding Your Infestation

Squirrels are always seen leaping from branches and fence posts or even tight-roping on electric wiring. Just because they are called tree squirrels, does not mean that they are keen to stay there. These rodents are masters of the outdoors, but that does not stop them from sneaking inside. With a broad diet, animals are known to find attractants, both obvious and subtle. Items such as bird feeders or even basics like sunflower seeds can draw in unwanted visitors. Leaving just one of these attractants out can create a squirrel problem in no time at all.

There are plenty of breeds of these animals roaming the earth, but instead of spotting flying squirrels like you might see on television, gray squirrels are the most common across Canada. Any opening or softened areas can act as entry points for infestation. Tough areas like roofing, which often fly under the radar can allow entry for any number of pests. Squirrels not only track down entry points around your property, but they are willing to make new ones as well. Sharp claws allow these pests to scrape away at protective materials, gaining entry to homes and commercial properties as they see fit.

The Bad Habits of Rodents

Once inside, squirrels get to work making themselves at home. Creating a nest takes effort from rodents, but it takes a toll on properties as well. If you are hearing scratching coming from concealed areas, it is likely a furry intruder ripping apart insulation and materials to make a nest. In addition to tearing apart construction materials, squirrels pose issues to properties in other avenues as well. Chewing through wires is a common practice of squirrels. At their best, chewed wires mean costly repairs while at their worst, they mean the risk of electrical fires. The damage that squirrels cause is not only behind the scenes. Wooden materials like exposed framing, furniture, cupboards and many others are used to gnaw on. This means more damage that needs to be repaired – and paid for!

Squirrels have two main seasons for reproducing, usually between the winter and spring months and then again through later summer to early fall. Having an infestation during these times, usually means that you are dealing with a family of squirrels and not just the rogue intruder. Like any animal, squirrels are incredibly protective over their young. This means that attempting to get rid of squirrel infestations while there are babies around can result in further damage or some very anxious animals.

Choosing Toodaloo For Your Squirrel Control

It is easier to spot a squirrel running around your living space than it is to catch sight of a mouse or other small creature. Despite their larger size, it can be tough to notice infestations until they are out of control. The key to proper pest control is to focus on humane wildlife removal services, as well as working to prevent squirrels from return visits. By removing attractants, there is less incentive for rodents to invade properties. Once your home or commercial space is less appealing for newcomers, it is time to treat those already established squatters. Sealing entry points, but leaving an available exit allows these pests to leave all on their own. Squirrel traps or various types of live trapping are available for our clients. Creating a treatment option that suits the unique needs of your property is key to proper wildlife control services. For the most in customer service, the best results possible – look no further than your local Toodaloo technicians.

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