Steinbach Mouse Control & Removal

Mice are almost unavoidable in prairie cities. Flat landscapes and a large amount of agricultural food stores, make Manitoba the perfect place for mice. It might be a great location for them but having mice on your property is no picnic. If you are ready to serve these furry squatters with an eviction notice, don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo. Your Steinbach mouse control and removal is only a phone call away.

A Mouse Motive

The biggest priority for mice is survival. What do mice need to do to survive? The same things that humans do! Mice need food, water and shelter to live comfortably. In an ideal world, mice would knock on the door and ask for a piece of cheese and a nap in your shed but this just isn’t the case. These rodents do not ask for permission before borrowing food or even moving in. Mice, however, bring more in with them than you might expect.

When mice enter your home, they bring a ton of bacteria in with them and they take it right to your kitchen! Much like every other rodent, mice seek out their next meal above anything else. In so doing, they contaminate every surface of your kitchen countertops and prep spaces. In addition to these spaces being wrecked, mice leave saliva, urine and feces all around the food that they have been eating. If you accidentally share a piece of toast with one of these furry creatures, you can bet that you will be getting sick! Whether you are at home or at work, this is means bad news for yourself, your customers or, if you work in food service, your patrons.

Steinbach Mouse Control & Removal: The Importance of Pest Control

Having these bacteria carriers running around your property is not a good look for any space. These rodents leave urine and droppings all over the place, spread hantavirus and pull materials apart to create their nests. If you are sick of sharing space with these dirty little animals, let Toodaloo get them out! Our trained technicians identify problem areas and entry points around your space so that they can be sealed up, so retry is not possible.

Call today to find out how our Steinbach mouse removal can get your property back to being clean and free of rodent refuse.

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