Steinbach Pigeon Control & Removal

Pigeons can be seem in just about every populated area throughout Canada. It is not unusual to find yourself dodging these birds midair or being photobombed on a crowded street, but having them at home is another story entirely. Whether you have a commercial or residential property, keeping these birds away should be priority #1. This might seem like an uphill battle but not with the help of Toodaloo Pest Control. Our Steinbach pigeon control and removal keeps those birds away!

Battling Birds

Pigeons are persistent, especially if there is the possibility of a free meal. Once pigeons discover that your property has something to offer, you will have to fight them tooth and nail to get them out. Much like humans, pigeons have favourite spots around their cities. These areas usually include a place to find dinner and a place to rest their many, many feathers. Having pigeons perched on your property does more than take up space. These birds have highly acidic droppings and very poor control of their digestive systems. This means that pigeons will let the droppings fly, on walls, doors, windows, cars and especially decks and patios. In addition to being an unsightly mess, these droppings are corrosive to the exterior layers of your property.

Steinbach Pigeon Control & Removal: Toodaloo Technology

Shooing birds away might be effective in the short term but if you are looking to be rid of these birds for good, you need a bit more sophistication. That is why the Toodaloo team has partnered with Bird B Gone to bring you the best solutions to your pigeon problems. Resting spikes and wiring stops these birds from resting comfortably. Without a comfortable place to sit, these birds have to find a new place to rest their heads. If you feel like these humane methods of deterring birds is right for your property, don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo.

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