Sudbury Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

The biggest threats to your property are the ones that creep in silently. Carpenter ants can march into your home or business and start to cause damage immediately. Instead of letting these pest use the inner-workings of your property as a chew toy, call Toodaloo. Our Sudbury carpenter ant control and removal gets every feeler, leg and thorax out of your space.

The Well-Travelled Ant

Carpenter ant colonies begin outdoors, usually in damp or rotten wood. Stumps, wood piles and even decorative wooden pieces can act as a home base for large settlements of ants. As numbers swell, space and resources become scarce. When this occurs, ants need to spread out to survive. When this occurs, it is not uncommon for these pests to move into new (and already occupied) environments. Ants gain access to your property through windows, cracks in door jams, unsealed openings, and can even chew their way in over time. Once they are in, these ants begin to chew away at cellulose based materials around your home or business. Small pests move freely around your property and spread bacteria as they go. Don’t let these pests contaminated your home or work space.

Sudbury Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: The Toodaloo Technique

In addition to being small, carpenter ants can be sneaky. These pests burrow into the wood foundations of your home or business, hiding out where you can’t see them. In order to clear away satellite colonies, our Toodaloo technicians use thermal imaging to track any populations. By keeping an eye on where carpenter ants are grouping together, our treatments can be pinpointed as well. Injection rods allow our Toodaloo technicians to remove and control populations without drilling multiple holes around your space.

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