Sudbury Flea Control & Removal

Hitchhiking is illegal throughout most of Canada, but that does not stop fleas from latching on to catch a ride. Fleas can be carried in, can sneak in or can be inadvertently dropped off in any place, at any time. If one of these pests has made its way into your home or business, our Sudbury flea control and removal can get them gone.

Fleas In Your Community

Fleas might not be picky about where they find their next meal, but they are particular about where they call home. These pests are not cold-weather ready and go to great lengths to avoid a chill. For those fleas that are trapped outdoors, a cold snap means certain death, so they are eager to creep inside. These pests can latch onto any larger rodent or animal. This means that any mouse that makes their way into your space or raccoon that rifles through your trash could be depositing fleas as they go. Once a flea gets inside, it does not take long for populations to grow and take over your space.

Sudbury Flea Control & Removal: Figuring Out Fleas

The most important step in a Sudbury flea removal is to appreciate that these pests often split their populations. Simply looking out for adult fleas will only give you a surface concept of how many of these fleas you are dealing with. Around half of your flea population is in egg form, waiting to hatch. Once these pests break out of their shells, they begin to survive off of blood left behind in the droppings of adult fleas. Until they have their first blood meal, these fleas remain nearly invisible. Instead of just treating hotspots for adult fleas, our Toodaloo technicians treat the affected and surrounding areas. Through a mixture of vacuums, and chemical and non-chemical pesticides, our Sudbury flea removal guarantees a bug-free environment every time.

Call today to ditch those fleas and get back to a comfortable home or workspace. With your Sudbury flea removal only a call or click away, a clean property is always within reach.

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