Sudbury Silverfish Control & Removal

Catching a silverfish is not as simple as putting bait on a string. Silverfish are very quick and notoriously hard to trap, so it is no wonder that they are such a common household pest. Silverfish thrive in damp and dark areas, so they can go undetected for long periods. When you catch one of these pests, time is of the essence when it comes to your Sudbury silverfish control and removal.

What Do Silverfish Do?

The most practiced pass-time for these pests is, of course, eating. Instead of making meals out the usual suspects, silverfish have a broader vision of what counts as a meal. For these pests, just about anything with a natural element will due. Silverfish will live off of crumbs and food debris, as well as natural textiles like cotton and even natural adhesives. This means that your wallpaper and even book bindings are on the menu! Silverfish are never contained to one area, and can travel up to 9 metres to find their next meal. This means that there is no room in your home that is off limits and these pests can easily navigate through multi-unit properties. These pests are some of the most destructive around but our Sudbury silverfish removal kicks these demolition experts out!

Sudbury Silverfish Control & Removal: Professional Pest Removal

A glint of silver out of the corner of your eye might signal the presence of a silverfish but as tough as adults are to spot, the earlier stages are eve harder. Silverfish are made for self-preservation. These pests know all the tricks to sticking around and how to keep their populations thriving. Silverfish eggs are lain in tight and difficult to reach spaces. Instead of only treating the silverfish that can be seen, our Toodaloo technicians treat the surrounding as well as the affected area.

If silverfish have been spotted around your property, don’t hesitate to call Toodaloo for your Sudbury silverfish removal.

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