Thompson Bed Bug Control & Removal

Bed bugs have been taking over Canadian cities for the past several years. If you though that Thompson’s northern location was enough to keep these pests away – sorry to tell you – but that just isn’t true! These pests are all over the map but, luckily, so are our Toodaloo technicians. If these vampire bugs have set down roots in your property, our Thompson bed bug control and removal can dig them up and kick them out.

When it comes to Thompson residents, there is a lot of back and forth within the city limits. Whether you are in town working, visiting, or living permanently, bed bugs should be on your radar. These pests catch rides on people, and products, using them to find a new stomping ground. Are you off to the movies? Bed bugs could be waiting. Staying the night in a hotel? Bed bugs! If you are grocery shopping, grabbing dinner in a restaurant, getting a massage or just about anywhere else – there is a chance for bed bugs latching on to you. All over Canada, the threat of bed bugs is real.

These pests make their way into homes and businesses and immediately begin to track down their human hosts for a blood meal. In fact, these pests are extremely difficult to see if they have not had a meal in a while. You can tell whether or not these beasts are eating in two ways. The first is their colouring. When bed bugs are dark brown to black in colour, they have been eating well! The second, of course, is their nasty bites!

Thompson Bed Bug Control & Removal: Full-Service Treatment

Bed bugs might be known to haunt the seams of mattresses but these pests are willing to travel. Bed bugs can be found in bed, closets, rugs, couches and even the spines of books. Any soft surface that can support adult bed bugs as well as their eggs can become home to these pests. Tracking down one area for bed bugs does little to eliminate the overall population and that is why professional help is key to a successful Thompson bed bug removal. Our Toodaloo technicians implement a system of non-chemical treatments and vacuums to remove both adult bed bugs as well as their eggs.

Call today to find out how our Thompson bed bug removal can benefit your space.

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