Thompson Mouse Control & Removal

Rodents come in all shapes and size but mice are some of the worst to have around! These pests are small, quick and agile, making them hard to get rid of and even harder to keep out. These pests can cram their fur-clad bodies into spaces as small as a dime and are insistent on outstaying their welcome. Toodaloo Pest Control knows the pain of a mouse infestation and that is why we are always happy to help with your Thompson mouse control and removal.

The Trouble With Mice

When it comes to mice, these rodents rarely show up empty handed. No, they are not using their tiny paws to cart things around but their bodies trap and hold bacteria. Mice spend a good deal of time scurrying around city streets and while they do this, they pick up germs from just about everywhere. Dirty streets and trash heaps are regular stomping grounds for these pests and whatever they pick up out there, comes with them inside your home. If germs weren’t bad enough, mice also leave droppings behind them. Any material that comes naturally to mice is harmful to humans. Waste, saliva, and urine from mice can lead to salmonella, respiratory illness, asthma and hantavirus.

Mice are dangerous to your health as well as to your property. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that mice do not have hobbies. These pests spend their leisure time building and gnawing. Mice like to be cozy, that is why they construct nests for themselves. Instead of using natural material, like birds, mice tend to create their own construction materials form those found around your property. Anything soft can be seen as nesting materials but insulation is one of the most commonly used. Mice rip this insulation from walls which can create a big mess and some big repair bills! While they are back here, mice also have a tendency to chew on wiring behind walls. This, combined with stripped or piled materials makes up one heck of a fire hazard!

Thompson Mouse Control & Removal: Why Call The Pros

Attempting to treat mice on your own can cause more harm than good inside your property. Traps can be messy and ineffective while poison does not account for where these mice end up after they expire. Can you think of anything less pleasant than having a dead mouse stuck behind your bedroom wall? When you call Toodaloo, we work with you on your Thompson mouse removal. Our processes are safe, effective and never leave you high and dry in the aftermath!

Call today to find out why our Thompson mouse removal service is right for you.

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