Thompson Pavement Ant Control & Removal

Having ants in your home is a common nuisance to Manitobans. When ants get their marching orders, it is all too easy for these pests to sneak inside. It might be easy for ants to get in, but getting them out can feel impossible! If you are fed up with ants in your space, call Toodaloo for your Thompson pavement ant control and removal.

The Pests Around Your Pavement

Ants might be small but their presence is not! Pavement ants build their nests and tunnels outside, usually in the spaces between concrete and grass. If you have ever seen small mounds of dirt around sidewalks and driveways, chances are that pavement ants call them ‘home sweet home’. Pavement ant populations usually begin in a single area called a parent colony. The population in these colonies becomes too large over time and must be spread out in order to survive.

Pavement ants prefer damp environments, so it only makes sense that these new living arrangements are primarily subterranean. These ants also create tunnels that run under the hard surfaces around the exterior of your property. This means that your walkways, patio foundations, paving stones and driveways probably have a network of tunnels running underneath them. They might be narrow, but these tunnels are still created by dislodging dirt. Tunnels might not cause noticeable damage right away but over time, paired with the quick changing climate of Thompson, can cause shifting and cracking in concrete. Pavement ants don’t stop there either. If these pests are lurking around the exterior of your property, it won’t be long until they find their way inside.

Thompson Pavement Ant Control & Removal: The Toodaloo Touch

Pavement ants sneak inside your property through small cracks or openings. Once inside, these pests usually make a break for the kitchen! Small crumbs or food scraps are feasts for these six-legged intruders. While they are looking for lunch, they are spreading contaminants to the surfaces around your property. That is why it is, the sooner, the better for your Thompson pavement ant removal. Our pest removal techniques are designed to provide our customers with top of the line results, in the least invasive way possible.

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