Thompson Wasp Control & Removal

All over Canada, there are few pests as recognizable as the wasp. Unfortunately it is not for good reasons. These winged pests invade your residential and commercial spaces, terrorizing and stinging as they go. If you find yourself continuously bothered by wasps, Toodaloo can help! property owners in the area are no longer have to live in fear with our Thompson wasp control and removal.

Wasps In Your Space

Wasps begin to pop up in spring months, busying themselves with daily chores like building nests, pollinating plants, and seeking out food. These tasks take up a lot of time, keeping them busy and out of your space. As these tasks begin to get ticked off of their “to-do” list, wasps have more time to explore your environments. Once all is said and done, wasps go off in search of sugars and proteins and what better place to find them than picnics, patios and barbecues.

Wasps are known for their stings but these pests might not be as aggressive as you think. Wasps are known to sting in order to protect themselves or when their homes or nests feel threatened. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, what wasps find threatening might surprise you. Of course there is run of the mill shooing and swatting but even where you are standing might make a huge difference. Being between a wasp and its nest is cause for concern on its own.

Thompson Wasp Control & Removal

Having one wasp buzzing around is bad enough but a nest is much worse. If you are seeing these pests in large numbers, you can bet there is a nest nearby. Over the counter methods for wasp or nest removal might seem like a good idea at the time, but they can prove to be extremely dangerous! You should always consult with a pest removal specialist before going anywhere near a nest! Improper application of chemicals can result in a lot of angry wasps, resulting in serious injury that can, in some cases, be fatal!

Don’t take the risk of improper pest removal, call Toodaloo instead. Our Thompson wasp removal is always carried out effectively, and safely! Call today to book an appointment to get these pests away from your home or business.

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