Timmins Pigeon Control & Removal

At first glance, pigeons might not seem like the greatest threat to your property but looks can be deceiving! These pests attack property owners with noise, droppings and invasions of personal space. When pigeons can’t take the hint, our Toodaloo technicians can get rid of these intruders with our Timmins pigeon control and removal.

Whats So Bad About A Few Birds ?

Having birds around your property is normally not such a bad thing. Normally, birds are nice to look at and pleasant to listen to, but pigeons are another story all together. These birds are loud, messy and don’t mind outstaying their welcome. Once pigeons find a place that provides them with meals regularly, it is not unusual for them to stick around. So what is the biggest issues associated with the presence of pigeons? Incessant cooing might wake you up in the mornings but pigeon droppings are pubic enemy #1. Pigeon droppings are highly acidic, to the point of being corrosive. This means that the longer these droppings are allowed to sit on the outside of your property, the more damage is being done. Instead of waiting for the situation to go from bad to worse, don’t hesitate to call in a Timmins pigeon removal service.

Timmins Pigeon Control & Removal: Banishing Those Birds

Pigeons are a lot more difficult to get rid of than you might think. Instead of simply shooing away these birds as they land, a proper Timmins pigeon removal requires a bit more thought. Pushing away a pigeon might solve the problem in the short term but the long run requires proper tools. Toodaloo has partnered with a local service to outfit home and businesses around Timmins to lay down non-lethal methods to deter birds. Spikes, netting, and even shock tracks make up some of the alternative methods to ridding your space of these feathered friends.

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