Timmins Silverfish Control & Removal

When you think about destructive pests, silverfish are probably not the first ones to come to mind. Despite their small size and sneaky demeanour, silverfish are some of the most destructive pests that you can find. Instead of letting these slithering pests take over, call Toodaloo for your Timmins silverfish control and removal.

What In The World Is A Silverfish ?

The name silverfish might make you think of any average fish but these pests are in a league of their own. Silverfish have been so named because of their dark colouring, silver sheen and the way that they slither. These pests like to stick around areas with high humidity and thrive in the dark. This means that your bathrooms, basements, crawlspaces, and even empty cupboards are prime real estate for these pests. Silverfish are never strapped to find a meal. These pests can live off of the obvious suspects like crumbs from around your kitchen. In addition to human food, silverfish can also eat anything organic or cellulose-based. Your favourite cotton sweater might very well be their favourite dessert while book bindings or wallpaper adhesives are the main course.

Timmins Silverfish Control & Removal

Treating a silverfish infestation can be a tricky endeavour. These pests are quick, quiet and hard to spot – and that is just the adults! Silverfish eggs are usually laid in tight spaces like around baseboards, cracks in flooring or around door frames. When you call Toodaloo, your Timmins silverfish removal is treated at every level. These pests are known to travel, so it is important to treat the affected area as well as the surrounding area as well.

Call today to find out how our Toodaloo technicians can can get you the best results possible for your Timmins silverfish removal.

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