Toronto Bed Bug Control & Removal

There is no city in Canada that is unfamiliar with the rising bed bug problem. Toronto has a booming bed bug population. Instead of suffering through these bites, call Toodaloo pest and wildlife services for your Toronto bed bug control and removal.

What sets Toronto apart from other cities when it comes to bed bug infestations? When populations are dense, it becomes much easier to move from meal to meal. With a lack of single-dwelling homes in the inner-city area, strata units and condos are a dime a dozen. This makes it easier for bed bugs spread their populations. This ensures not only a decent meal but their own survival as well. With one of Canada’s largest tourism industries, these bed bugs come from all over the world and are not picky about where they set up camp. Hotels, theatres, lounges, no where is safe – until you enlist our Toronto bed bug removal.

Toronto Bed Bug Control & Removal: Highly Trained, High Effective Removal

Our Toodaloo technicians operate anywhere that bed bugs do. Residential, commercial or strata properties are no match for our expert staff. Toodaloo technicians are subjected to an intense training practice before they are allowed to go out in the field. How intense, you may ask? In order to fully understand the annoyances that our clients face, our technicians experience bed bug bites. It might sound strange but there is no better way to properly understand the urgency and discomfort that our customers are facing.

The city of Toronto has over 2,000 registered reports of bed bugs, one of the highest recorded numbers in the country. This is no surprise considering it is one of Canada’s most densely populated cities and this close proximity and quartered living space that makes the spread of these infestations so easy to spread.

Take action at the first sign of these pests by calling Toodaloo pest and wildlife services and booking an appointment for your Toronto bed bug removal.

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