Toronto Carpenter Ant Control & Removal

‘Carpenter’ is usually a welcome term in any commercial or residential property – just not when it comes to ants! These destructive nuisances travel through businesses, gnawing their way through materials and food supplies. Until you call Toodaloo, that is! Our Toronto carpenter ant control and removal services are always here for our neighbours.

Downtown areas in Toronto are made up mostly of concrete structures. The smaller structures and heritage sites are all in dire peril, however! Buildings that are three floors and under are normally made out of wood and this means big trouble for local business.

More often than not, Toronto business owners have a great deal of insurance. These policies ordinarily cover flooding, vandalism or fires and sometimes even termites, but lack coverage for other insect infestation. Carpenter ants burrow into wood, creating tunnels and satellite colonies. The holes themselves are small and might as well be invisible to the average human eye.

Toronto Carpenter Ant Control & Removal: All The Right Know-How

Our Toodaloo technicians don’t just have an ‘average human eyes’, but they are ready to catch the smallest detail! The signs that you may have carpenter ants are very small, sometimes as insignificant as a small pile of sawdust but our technicians know exactly where to look for these small tip-offs. Once we find these entry points, the games begin!

Carpenter ants work quickly and constantly, gnawing, but not eating the wood of your property, so it is very important to get the ball rolling quickly on your Toronto carpenter ant removal.

Call today to speak with one of experienced and knowledgable technicians. We want to help you ditch that infestation and take back control of your property.

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