Toronto Mouse Control & Removal

There is a lot of stigma around the ‘pitter-patter of little feet’. When these little feet are paws, it is a completely new story. Toodaloo Pest Control is ready and available to stop the sounds and the scurry with our Toronto mouse control and removal.

If you are ever in doubt of whether or not you have a mouse infestation, there are some tell-tale signs that you can look for. Mice may not weigh very much but when they are in large groups they can make a racket. If you hear odd scraping noises in the night, chances are it is probably not a ghost, but a mouse! Mice often like to build their nests out of loose textiles or insulation. This makes basements and attics perfect places for them to call home.

Toronto Mouse Control & Removal: More Than Meets The Eye

When mice do make it into your home or business they bring in a slew of unpleasant things, other than some light scratching. Finding droppings scattered around your property is another sign of infestation. Mice are accustomed to living in the wild and have adapted to avoiding predators, this means never slowing down. When mice are on the run, they don’t have time to stop for a bathroom break, so they just go on the run. These are qualities that these rodents bring indoors. The droppings that they leave behind are not only disgusting but can cause serious respiratory illness when it is disturbed.

In addition to potential illness, mice can drag other pests indoors as well. Fleas, for example, can ride in on the backs of mice and dislodge themselves in your home, creating a big problem for you! Toodaloo pest and wildlife control is the one-call solution to your Toronto mouse removal. We are local, reliable and will give you the best possible results. Call today to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable technicians.

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