Toronto Rat Control & Removal

In the hustle and bustle of city life, Canadians aren’t the only ones thriving. By calling in our Toronto rat control and removal you can put a stop to rodents. Don’t let these pests take over your neighbourhood.

Rats learned long ago that it is much easier to live off the efforts of their human counterparts than it is to try to survive on their own. Toronto, unlike other cities, is unique in the way that it can support rat life both inside and outside. Food sources are not scarce in a city as large as Toronto, where the nightlife is fierce. Rats can find a feast along sidewalks, in dumpsters or trashcans. When that is not enough, they will find their way inside!

Toronto Rat Control & Removal: Combatting Creative Pests

On average, rats eat somewhere around 10% of their body weight every day. These pests are not picky when it comes to what they are ingesting. Rats are drawn to nearly any food smell and can be lured in by your cooking, stored starches and grains, greasy leftovers and even dog food. Once an infestation is established, simply removing the food source won’t work to get rid of it. Whenever their food supply is cut off – rats just get creative. These rodents will live off garbage, smaller animals, insects and even each other.

When it comes to such a persistent rodent infestation, you need to call in persistent solutions! Our Toodaloo technicians won’t stop until the job is done and you have the best possible result for your Toronto rat removal. By trusting our Toodaloo technicians with your home or business, you are handing over the reigns to a local company with over two decades of experience and an unparalleled commitment to a job well-done.

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