Toronto Silverfish Control & Removal

A fear of insects is normal in our modern society. Nearly everyone is afraid of spiders, rodents and wasps especially but no one seems to worry about silverfish. This slithering menace flies under the radar, keeping themselves secret from their human hosts. When you spot them, call Toodaloo and tell them you want our Toronto silverfish  control and removal.

On paper, silverfish are the things that nightmares of made out of. They have long tails and antennae, slithering bodies, a silvery-blue sheen and a ravenous appetite. Once these pests enter your home, it can take you a long while to find them. They are nocturnal and hide from the light. More often than not, these insects made their homes in high-humidity, low traffic areas like bathrooms around closets and cupboards. They emerge from their hiding places in cracks and crevices, even baseboards, in order to search out food but scurry away as soon as the lights flick on.

Toronto Silverfish Control & Removal: Well-Rounded Service

Silverfish are often found inside bathrooms around tub drains or sinks. It may seem odd that these insects camp out in bathrooms but they do have a system for everything! Silverfish thrive in the humid climate produced by hot showers and running water and are able to travel long distances in search of their next meal. These pests are capable of travelling up to 9 metres in order to find food and prefer the starchy substances found on most kitchen countertops, in pantries and in the cracks between appliances or walls.

Calling Toodaloo for your Toronto silverfish removal ensures that you get ALL the bugs out, whether they are visible or not. When it comes to your silverfish infestation, there is much more than meets the eye. For every one silverfish that you spot, there are at least a dozen more hiding out and a dozen more eggs planted throughout the area.

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