Toronto Termite Extermination

Sometimes the smallest pests can pack the biggest whallop and termites are a perfect example of this. If destroying homes were a sport, termites would be the featherweight champs. By enlisting our Toronto termite extermination you are guaranteed a T.K.O over those termites.

Termites may only measure in at about 6mm but they are tiny weapons of mass destruction. Termites cause over one hundred million dollars of damage each year in Toronto alone. It may seem like a large number but termites have been attacking properties in Toronoto for decades.

Toronto Termite Extermination: Expert Service, Great Results

Termites as a species are beneficial to the natural world around them. These insects chew and eat rotten and dead wood, building their colonies inside stumps or wood piles. By breaking down these unhealthy organics, termites help make way for new growth and healthy plant life. This all sounds pretty good, right? Well termites have been around longer than Canadians have been building houses, storefronts and other properties, leaving them to be unsure about where they should make their colonies. When it comes to a hungry termite, there are very few differences between natural wood as a snack and the refined materials used in modern construction. It may be a side effect of urbanization and not the fault of the termites themselves but Toodaloo is here to make sure that residents of Toronto no longer have to suffer for the diets of this six-legged tree-chompers.

Termite colonies can have populations upwards of one million and all of these insects burrow and eat tirelessly. The constant assault on your property, can cause thousands of dollars in damaged materials, needing to be replaced. Instead of suffering through the threat of property damage and infestation, call Toodaloo pest and wildlife services today for your Toronto termite extermination.

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