Vancouver Flea Removal

Fleas might seem like a common enough pest to come across but they are some of worst kind of pests to let into your home. These pests latch on to pets, people and rodents, gaining entry into homes or businesses. Once inside, fleas spread themselves out, growing populations and using their hosts for meals. Instead of becoming dinner for invasive pests, handle those populations early with our Vancouver flea removal.

How Do Fleas Get In?

As a type, fleas are hitchhiking pests. These insects have a reputation for latching on to household pets and catching a ride inside. Anyone who has pets is familiar with the idea of flea collars and treatments but Spot or Rover are not the only way that fleas get around. When they are outdoors, fleas are not exactly picky about their hosts. While pets might bring fleas directly into your space, other animals can deposit them close by. While raccoons or rats are going through your trash or lurking around your home, they could be leaving fleas behind. When in a close enough proximity, these fleas can sneak or be dragged inside. Once fleas cross the threshold, they do not hold back, spreading their numbers and taking over your space. Grab that phone at the first sign of bodies or bites, and let our Vancouver flea removal handle your pest issues!

Vancouver Flea Removal: The Key To Proper Treatment

For each and every unwanted pest, there is a whole other population hiding out behind the scenes. As far as fleas go, about half of the resting population is in egg form. Treating egg and flea populations is easy enough as long as you have all the necessary technical training. While over the counter solutions might claim to remove fleas with a simple spray treatment, but there are often ineffective! The only way to fully remove fleas is to treat visible populations as well as the entire affected area. In order to get the best results for your Vancouver flea control, our Toodaloo technicians offer aftercare services as well! Because we understand how insistent fleas can be and we take pride in a job well done – you can always rely on a Toodaloo technician.

Call today to take the bite out of your Vancouver flea removal.

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