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March 26, 2020

Vancouver Mosquito Control

Our Toodaloo technicians are trained pest professionals, dedicated to taking the bite out of your infestations. Proper mosquito control and barrier sprays mean homes, businesses and event centres are pest-free for your enjoyment. When you are sick of chemical sprays and baits, call Toodaloo for an all-natural treatment plan that keeps bugs away for up to three weeks at a time.
Vancouver Mosquito Control


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If Vancouver is known for anything, it is its natural beauty. People travel from all over the world to get a glimpse of the lakes and mountains that surround the city, so why would you let a bug ruin it for you? Every day, hungry mosquito populations terrorize tourists and property owners, but the staff at Toodaloo want to put a stop to that. Our experts are able to provide efficient Vancouver mosquito control to homes, commercial properties and even event spaces in your area.  

Bugs, Bites and Bodily Harm

There are plenty of ways that bugs might bother you. Loud buzzing might get on your nerves but that is nothing compared to their bites. Mosquito bites can have mild to severe effects on the skin, but they are also known to transmit disease. Red, swollen and itchy bites are inconvenient but a serious illness like West Nile Virus requires attention. Proper pest management is key to protecting your health while protecting your property at the same time.

Pests might seem to appear out of nowhere but if you are noticing higher and higher insect populations, you are likely dealing with breeding grounds nearby. Unlike humans, adult mosquitoes do not need a cozy house to call home, all they need is standing water. In a damp climate, puddles, creeks and stagnant water are practically part of the landscape but they can be doing more damage than meets the eye around your home or workspace. Part of effective mosquito control methods is tracking down these high-traffic areas and kicking pests out.

With every day that passes by, there are female mosquitoes laying eggs. While these pests all seem to look alike, certain species of mosquitoes depend on direct contact with water sources or will stay nearby. Everything from a flowerpot to bird baths can house hundreds of mosquito larvae. If this is the case around your property, there is no amount of baits or repellents that can keep them away. There are plenty of mosquito traps and baits, using everything from oils and citronella to carbon dioxide to lure and kill mosquitoes. These are great in theory but when you want more than a bit of temporary relief, you will need professional pest control services. Instead of just dealing with the insects that you do have, Toodaloo methods work by preventing mosquitoes from landing and setting up camp around your space.

Vancouver Mosquito Control: How We Work

Basic insect repellents work by creating a chemical barrier around yourself and the bugs in your area. This is an issue for two reasons: introducing potentially harmful chemicals into your environment and they don’t work. These might keep the bugs at bay for a few minutes, but they require a lot of re-applying and they smell terrible.

Choosing between being a blood meal for a pest and smelling like a household cleaner, can be tough. Luckily, when you call Toodaloo, you don’t have to choose. By combining essential oils and other natural repellents, our pest experts can clear whole areas of insect populations, keeping them gone for up to three weeks per application. A single spray treatment is a great option for a single day or weekend event, but why stop there? Applying a treatment for weddings or outdoor events, can improve the quality of life for all those involved but consistent results can be great for businesses as well. Patios and campgrounds are a lot more inviting without bugs buzzing about. Instead of waiting for applications to wear off, the specialists at Toodaloo arrive on scene every fourteen days to ensure thorough results, every time.

Getting rid of pests at every stage of the life cycle means more than relying on standard repellents, mosquito traps and kooky methods. In addition to the treatments themselves, our experts work with clients to identify potential problem areas. Without a keen eye and experience, it can be difficult to pinpoint what might be a danger to your space. Damp areas are problematic but eliminating standing water can make a huge difference to your results.

Why Choose Toodaloo

Our pest control experts are dedicated to improving our communities and public health, one property at a time. Instead of being just another number on a call sheet, each client is a neighbour, friend, important member of the community or all three. Local technicians understand the pitfalls and advantages facing each home, commercial or event space in your area. Going local also means timely service and access to after-care. We are committed to providing customers with great results and an even better customer experience. By offering a service guarantee, our clients can rest easy with the peace of mind that pests are being pushed out!

Don’t spend your Summer months hiding out indoors when you can take full advantage of your green space.



Our Toodaloo technicians are fully trained in various methods of pest removal and extermination, capable of handling any job, of any size, professionally and efficiently. Unlike some other pest control companies our removal solutions are environmentally friendly so you know that there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed throughout your home.

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